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Mr.Bug’s Phonics Sample Tests


This pack contains the following Sample Tetss:

  • Mr.Bug’s Phonics 1 Units 1 to 6 Test
  • Mr.Bug’s Phonics 1 Units 1 to 9 Test
  • Mr.Bug’s Phonics 2 Units 1 to 6 Test
  • Mr.Bug’s Phonics 2 Units 7 to 12 Test

Mr.Bug’s Phonics Sample Tests include midterm and final exams from this book.

This test of Mr.Bug’s Phonics  has an audio file in descriptive form and is suitable for virtual exams held by professors and educational institutions.

Warning: These questions have been designed by the group of question designers and any copying, selling and uploading on other sites is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

It should be noted that each test package includes a Word file and a PDF file as well as an audio file in MP3 format.