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Talk Time 3 Sample Tests


This pack contains:

Talk Time 3 Units 1 to 4 Test with Key

Talk Time 3 Units 5 to 8 Test with Key

Talk Time 3 Units 9 to 12 Test with Key


Talk Time Sample Tests contains 3 prepared tests of each level from Units 1 to 4 , Units 5 to 8 and 9 to 12 .These tests have been set by AVAS Educational Group.These tests can be used by teachers as quizzes, midterm or final exams to assess students progress in a term and also by students to do more practice and get familiar with assessment tests.

Each Test pack contains question files in PDF and Docx format, Audio files and also Answer key.

Talk Time gives students the time to listen to English and the time to talk with classmates. Every lesson builds confidence, starting with vocabulary presentation and gradually building up to free-speaking practice.